Why do I have to sign a contract?
To keep our rates as low as possible and to recover the costs of our initial visit to your location we require a minimum 24 month commitment. After 24 months you may renew or continue on a month to month basis at the then current rates.

Do I ever have to call for service?
After you begin this service we will make a stop at your location monthly and make all necessary repairs. If you have lights fail before our next months visit we will return to make repairs. To keep our Program rates this low we request that you only call if three or more lamps are out. Calls that we respond to with less than three lights out will be treated as nuisance calls and billed to you (labor only) at our regular service rates.

I didn’t choose interior lighting for my program, can I add it later?
Sure, just give us a call, we will come out and repair your lights and bill you for material only, at that point your interior lights will be added to the program. The additional cost will be reflected in the next months billing.

Can your employees do other (out of program) work while they are at my facility?
Depending on their schedule they may be able to perform additional work while on site although in most cases we will need to schedule a return visit. Any additional work performed will be billed at our regular maintenance labor rates plus any materials used. Our Lighting Program electricians perform maintenance work only (i.e. switch and receptacle replacements, circuit breaker replacements), and will not be able to install any new conduit, wiring or equipment. Our construction department can perform any new installations for you at regular construction labor rates.

I know it’s not covered, but I only need 2 lamps inside?
Our employees can sell you lamps COD for non-covered lighting if they have stock on their trucks. Sorry, no freebies, our rates are too low to absorb give-a-ways. At the same time we expect no freebies from you, our employees are discouraged to decline offers of beverages or merchandise from you.


Low Monthly Cost
In most cases, under $5.00 per day

Low initial start-up cost
All your lights repaired for the cost of material only

Increased sales
Proven correlation between poorly lit stations and decreased sales

Increased safety for customers
Criminals avoid brightly lit locations

Increased safety for employees
Well lit stations deter crime

Avoid injuries to you and your employees
No more climbing shaky ladders or stacks of stock to change lamps and bulbs

No more calls and waiting for service

Energy Efficiency
Use your energy wisely, most fixtures use the same amount of energy, lit or unlit

Name brand lamps
(GE, Sylvania, Phillips) Reliable, first quality materials

No more high priced service calls
One low price for all your lighting needs

24 hour response on signs
if necessary (during regular business hours)

72 hour response on lighting
if necessary (during regular business days)