Custom Pricing

Base Price…………$145.00

Base Price Includes:

  • I.D. Sign (1, up to 32’ high)
  • Canopy lights  (up to 20)
  • Area lights (up to 6 fixtures)
  • Low Level Lights (up to 6)
  • Price Signs (up to 2, including number track, NO NUMBERS)
  • Reader Board (1, including letter track, NO LETTERS)
  • Wall Packs (all)
  • Fluorescent Lights on building (all)
  • Circuit Breakers for exterior lighting

Additional Items:

Additional I.D. Sign
(up to 32’ in height)
$10.00 ea.
Additional canopy lights: $1.50ea.
Additional Area Lights $1.50 ea.
Additional Low Level Lights $1.00 ea
Additional Price Signs $6.00 ea.
Additional Reader Boards $4.00 ea
Backlit Fascia on building or canopy
(per side)
$18.00 ea.

Interior C-Store lighting maintenance available at additional cost of $35.00 per store.*
*Excludes: LED lighting, neon tubing, neon ballasts and Emergency/Exit lighting batteries and circuit boards.
*4000 square foot or less.

What this plan does not cover:*

  • Wiring
  • Fixture replacement
  • Broken lenses
  • Neon tubing or ballasts
  • Sign faces
  • Any sign over 32’ in height or signs that cannot be reached due to placement or landscaping.
  • LED fascia lighting
  • Photocells, time clocks, relays, contactors and their associated wiring.
  • Interior lighting

*All items not covered under the maintenance plan can be repaired on a time and material basis.

  • $85.00 per hour
  • Material cost + 15%

Download the Program Terms and Agreement



Low Monthly Cost
In most cases, under $5.00 per day

Low initial start-up cost
All your lights repaired for the cost of material only

Increased sales
Proven correlation between poorly lit stations and decreased sales

Increased safety for customers
Criminals avoid brightly lit locations

Increased safety for employees
Well lit stations deter crime

Avoid injuries to you and your employees
No more climbing shaky ladders or stacks of stock to change lamps and bulbs

No more calls and waiting for service

Energy Efficiency
Use your energy wisely, most fixtures use the same amount of energy, lit or unlit

Name brand lamps
(GE, Sylvania, Phillips) Reliable, first quality materials

No more high priced service calls
One low price for all your lighting needs

24 hour response on signs
if necessary (during regular business hours)

72 hour response on lighting
if necessary (during regular business days)